The merciless village builder

What is .Age?

You are the Elder, spiritual guide of your secluded village.
A dark omen was cast on this land. Help your villagers survive their Dark Ages.
Build, produce, lead your Pips and try to survive as the heavens unfold their wrath on your puny village! Can you find out what caused the Apocalypse?

.Age (read: 'dot age') is a turn-based village builder with a heart of stone.
It is a hybrid between a roguelike and a village simulator: FTL meets Agricola!

Plan and build dozens of buildings in the limited space of your secluded village. From dwellings to house Pips, to production buildings, to protection and leisure buildings, there is something for all!
Put your Pips to work and produce more than 80 different resources that will help in their survival! Food, wood, stones, water, clothes, metals, milk, and even beer! Also, herd sheep, cows, pigs, and more.
Discover new buildings and use that knowledge to survive the forthcoming years. Research more than 100 buildings and change your strategy at each playthrough.
Take important decisions from the height of your wisdom and shape the village's life with your hard choices. Control the balance of the world through the Scales system, use your farseer powers to predict future disasters.
Learn all the intricacies of buildings, resources, creatures, and events of .Age. Explore dozens of titbits about the world.
Survive the harsh medieval times and try to reach the end of the Dark Ages (preferibly, alive). More than 150 events have nothing better to do than to mess with your pacing. Also, BOSS FIGHT!

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