Hello! I am Michele Pirovano, born in Bergamo in 1987.

I am a freelance and indie video game developer, a computer science researcher, and I really love cats. I also like collecting hats, playing and listening to music, writing and talking (the latter, maybe, a bit too much).

My favourite video game is Heroes of Might and Magic III. Other favourites of mine are: the Civilization series, the Final Fantasy series, Little big Planet, Faster Then Light, Spore, and just about all the rest of the games out there! I also love board games and I am trying to increase my collection each year.

I love everything about games and spend a lot of time playing them, studying them, and creating my own. I love to design complex game systems and artificial intelligence tools, trying to find the role of such techniques from a game designer's point of view. I also like to meddle with all game aspects: be it graphics, sound, design, programming, or narrative. However, I also like to work with other people and dedicate myself to gameplay design and programming.

Curriculum Vitae (in English)
Curriculum Vitae (in Italian)

Have a great day!

my face, courtesy of Federica Tana