My research topics are serious games, game design, computational intelligence, procedural generation, image analysis, and human-computer interaction. I brought my work on the design of a game engine for rehabilitation and on understanding design principles for games for health in several conferences worldwide.




The Design of Exergaming Systems for Autonomous Rehabilitation

M Pirovano

PhD thesis in Computer Science, Politecnico di Milano, 2015

Volcano: An interactive sword generator

M Pirovano, R Mainetti, D Loiacono

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Exergaming and rehabilitation: A methodology for the design of effective and safe therapeutic exergames

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Algorithms based on computational intelligence for autonomous physical rehabilitation at home.

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A new computer-based platform for autonomous rehabilitation of balance in patients with MS: a pilot study on usability.

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Xenophonic: From Concept to Product.

M. Pirovano

The Visual Language of Technique. Volume 3 - Heritage and Expectations in Education. Pages 135-139


IGER - Intelligent Game Engine for Rehabilitation

M. Pirovano, R. Mainetti, G. Baud-Bovy, P.L. Lanzi, N.A. Borghese

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Fuzzy Tactics: a Scripting Game that Leverages Fuzzy Logic as an Engaging Game Mechanic.

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Usability and Effects of an Exergame-Based Balance Training Program.

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Game Engines and Exergames to Guide Rehabilitation at Home.

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Video-games based Neglect rehabilitation using haptics.

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Apparatus and method for rehabilitation employing a game engine.

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Computational Intelligence and Game Design for Effective At-Home Stroke Rehabilitation.

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IGER: An intelligent game engine for rehabilitation.

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Robust Silhouette Extraction from Kinect Data.

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IGER: A Game Engine Specifically Tailored to Rehabilitation.

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The Design of a Comprehensive Game Engine for Rehabilitation.

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Accuracy and validity of balance boards for posture and balance rehabilitation.

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Poster presented at INRS2013.


Rehabilitation at Home: the Intelligent Game Engine for Rehabilitation (IGER System).

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Self-Adaptive Games for Rehabilitation at Home.

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An Integrated Low-Cost System for At-Home Rehabilitation.

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Accurate real-time fluid dynamics using Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics and CUDA.

M. Pirovano, P. L. Lanzi, D. Manca.

Master's Thesis. Politecnico di Milano.


RealTime control of an inverted pendulum using RTAI.

M. Pirovano, P. Righettini.

Bachelor's Thesis. University of Bergamo