Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DiceMaster.CustomAssetCreatorUtility class that uses the CustomAssetUtility to create specific custom assets
DiceMaster.CustomAssetUtilityUtility class that creates custom assets
DiceMaster.DiceHandles dice behaviour at runtime
DiceMaster.DiceConfigGeneral configuration class, an instance should be placed in the Resources folder
DiceMaster.DiceCreatorStatic editor class responsible for creating new dice prefabs and their textures
DiceMaster.DiceCreatorWindowEditor window for the DiceCreator
DiceMaster.DiceDefinitionData class that defines how a specific dice works
DiceMaster.DiceDefinitionEditorCustom editor for the DiceDefinition class
DiceMaster.DiceEditorEditor that defines how the Dice class appears
DiceMaster.DiceTesterUtility class with actions useful to the tool's development
DiceMaster.DMEntry point for static components
DiceMaster.FaceDataData class for faces
DiceMaster.OnHitSoundWill play a sound when a rigidbody hits something at a minimum speed
ResultUITie this to a Dice event to see the result in the GUI
RollerRolls a dice by triggering a Thrower and/or a Spinner when the R key, a mouse button, or a touch is detected
DiceMaster.SimulationSimulates dice throws, when we do not need actual dice to be rolled
DiceMaster.SpawnerAttach this to any GameObject to make it spawn dice
SpawnSelectorControls a spawner by defining what prefab to spawn based on user input
DiceMaster.SpinnerAttach this to any Dice to make it spin around a given axis
TestDiceRegisterThis script attaches itself to the given dice and waits for their numbers to be shown, then adds them and logs the result
TestDiceSpawnerTriggers a spawner with the S key
TestSpawnRegisterRegisters to spawned dice and logs their result
DiceMaster.ThrowerAttach this to any Dice to throw it in a given direction
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